Welcoming neighbours back into their balconies.
During our visits at the Vivendes del Congrés Eucarístic we observed that the balconies are not getting used adequately. Instead of being spaces to enjoy the outdoors, they are being used as storage or they sit bare and go unused. From our talks with the neighbors we learned that it’s because it is usually too hot or windy to sit out on the balconies. That is because they don’t have proper sun protection systems.
We’ve worked to promote the use of the balconies with Balcome, a modular sun protection system that adapts to the user’s needs and wants. The neighbors can essentially personalize their new balcony covering, choosing from vertical or horizontal panes (depending on the sun orientation). Sliding or foldable frames and the amount of frames, either for full balcony coverage or partial. Design how the hanging planters will be set up.
The price would vary depending on the size of the balcony and the amount of frames needed. For a standard 14m2 sun protection covering of a balcony the price would round at 5000€
Balcome is made out of Thermopine from the line Savia by FinsaWood which is sustainable and economical heat-treated wood. An environmentally friendly solution to outdoor wood due to the elimination of all chemical and biological products in its treatment. Wood is 100% renewable when managed correctly, we’ve designed Balcome to be fully demountable so when taken down the elements can be reused.
By providing a retractable and adjustable blind system we will bring life back into the balconies. Thanks to the solar shading which will allow for temperature control leading to an increase of energy efficiency, the acoustic protection and privacy which Balcome provides.

Autoría: Arola Velasco Moreno, Júlia Barrera Garcés

Profesoras: Elisabet Cantallops, Ester Pujol

IED Barcelona

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